2017 Toro Multi Pro® WM (41240)


The all-new Multi Pro WM advanced spray system for Toro’s Workman® HD or the HDX utility vehicle leverages the advanced spray system capability of Toro’s Multi Pro 5800, 300-gallon sprayer, and combines this spray system functionality with cutting-edge and intuitive sprayer controls to create the most advanced, efficient and accurate 200-gallon bed-mounted sprayer accessory for a utility vehicle on the market. Aggressive agitation, faster response times, consistent and accurate application rates, intuitive rate set up, this sprayer has it all.

  • 200 Gallon (757 liter) Capacity
  • 18.5 foot (5.6 m) Open Spray Boom
  • 6 Diaphragm Pump
  • QuickFind™ Sprayer Operator Console